Youth Team Strikes AGAIN!

Mark Burt attended the 2017 NBHA Youth World Championships in Perry, Georgia where he patched a lot of horses with LifeWave Aculife patches, including the 2017 NBHA Teen 1D World Champion Youth Team Member McKenzie Morgan (TN) & her super horse, in Firewaters Honor aka “H2”.

They stopped the clock at 14.860 to take the win against some very stiff competition. McKenzie said during the awards ceremony that “H2 just LOVES his patches!” McKenzie and H2 also clocked the second fastest time of 3,845 runs with a 14.742 in the 2nd Go of the Teens against 1,123 horses!

Mark also patched horses in the Youth Division including Summer Pauly (KY) & her horse Dinky’s Speeding Jet. He said, “After running a 15.428 in the 1st Go, we patched her horse up for the 2nd Go and Summer took care of business and shaved off .456 seconds to win 4th in the 1D against 630 riders!”