“Yea David! I think that this is your best yet”

‘I use many of the LifeWave patches every day and every night with excellent results, so I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy about another new patch.  The day that I received the X39, I applied it to the back of my neck and went about my day.  I was swamped that day, so I forgot to pay attention to any results.


On the second day, I again placed the X39 on the back of my neck.  I usually walk in the morning – about 2 miles.  When I return home, I’m always tired and have a lot of hip and foot pain.  That morning I started walking – and I kept walking without even thinking about it.  When I got back home (4 miles later), I felt great and had no pain. WHAT!


The last three months I’ve had almost constant heel pain from plantar fasciitis.  I sleep with a boot that is designed to hold my foot in the correct position, special socks in the daytime to work with it, and nothing has stopped the pain.  I went to a podiatrist, and his only solution was cortisone injections, and if those don’t work, surgery to cut the tendon.  The pain was getting so severe that I was considering it.  I put the X39 on my heel – absolutely no more pain.  Unheard of!  I’m beyond excited.


I can’t wait to see what we experience after several months of using this patch.  Yea David!!!  I think that this is your best yet.’

– Dr. Joan Norton