Y-Age System

What would you call reversing some of the signs and symptoms of aging, and growing healthier each day?  Sounds like the Y-Age system to us!

As we age specific nutrients in our body begin to decline, and this leads to an increase in damage from stress and an impairment to our immune function.  People also become noticeably weaker with age if they allow it.  Fortunately, though there is a solution.


The Y-Age system is composed of three of our most popular patch products:  Aeon, Glutathione and Carnosine.  Together they form a powerful combination that provides you with the benefits of stress and inflammation reduction, detoxification, immune support, heart health, brain health and even dramatic improvements in physical performance.


This system is a proprietary form of phototherapy with no drugs, chemicals or stimulants. Together, the Y-Age System improves overall wellness for a healthier, stronger body.


Y-Age Aeon

  • Clinically proven to decrease inflammation in the body
  • Promotes relaxation

Y-Age Glutathione

  • Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant
  • Improves overall health

Y-Age Carnosine

  • Clinically shown to increase stamina by up to 125%*
  • Improves overall health
  • Improves bioelectrical properties of organs

*After 3 weeks of use.