Y-Age Glutathione Patch – Successful Study

Conducted by researcher Dr. Melinda H. Connor, a recent 100-person study on our Y-Age Glutathione patch yielded favorable results. The report of healthy subjects (54 women and 46 men), attempted to determine if there are specific physiological changes produced by the patch.

Of particular interest was whether there would be changes consistent with antioxidant effects on the liver, kidney and nervous system. Antioxidant effects on cells are crucial, as they reduce the effects of aging and keep our cells functioning at an optimum level. The study shows that the patch produces a physiological effect, consistent with recognized effects of glutathione.

Dr. Connor had this to say about the efficacy of the patch: “It is not unusual for a pilot study, which shows significance as our earlier study did, to not produce the same result in a large study. When we did the large study the significance was there once again, which speaks to the integrity of the product.”

The results of this study will be published in a journal in the near future.