WinFit Tip: What to Eat?

To begin with, we want to be clear that WinFit is not a diet and there are no calorie restrictions. Instead, you can eat what you want (within reason), if you stay in an eight-hour window. This improves the efficiency of your digestive system, and dramatically improves your insulin response to help keep your body in fat-burning mode. The WinFit patch then helps you build new muscle, further increasing metabolism.

So, what’s a good meal?
How about a grilled steak with broccoli, and a baked potato with butter? The steak provides protein for muscle building, the broccoli delivers much-needed fiber, the vitamins and phytonutrients keep excess estrogen in check, the potato provides carbs for muscle fuel, and the butter provides fats for hormone production. All of this, and you get a delicious meal with no sacrifice! And this is just one meal example. Please refer to the WinFit Sample Schedule for more.

It’s really all about balance.
Include a protein, fat and complex carb at each meal, and stay away from sugar and processed food. If you follow these guidelines, use WinFit products as directed, and eat in an eight-hour window, you’ll be on your way to the body you always wanted.