WinFit Tip: What About Metabolism?

We have an interesting analogy we’d like to share with you, and it starts with a simple question: What burns more fuel, a car with a 100-horsepower engine or a car with a 500-horsepower engine? Answer: the car with the 500-horsepower engine burns more fuel.

Now let’s apply that question to people. Which body burns more calories, a body with 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of muscle, or a body with 200 pounds (90 kilograms) of muscle? Just as the car with more horsepower burns more fuel to maintain its output, the body with more muscle (200 pounds/90 kilograms) requires more fuel (calories) to maintain that muscle.

This is precisely what sets WinFit apart from any other product. Using this proven system, the metabolism dramatically shifts in to fat-burning, muscle-building mode, which requires tremendous amounts of fuel (calories). So if you follow the WinFit guidelines correctly, you’ll never have to count calories. Just eat healthy, balanced meals and reduce or eliminate sugary foods.