WinFit: Health and Business Tips for Achieving Goals

LifeWave products are designed to improve your life, both personally and professionally, and WinFit is certainly no exception. Below are two tips for (1) tracking your fitness goals and (2) expanding your LifeWave business with WinFit.

1. Tracking Your Progress Through Body Fat Calculation

This first tip is in response to a body fat question fielded by LifeWave Customer Service. With that said, please be aware that electronic devices for measuring body fat, despite their convenience, are not the best method because they have a lot of variability. A skin pinch test, on the other hand, is more accurate provided you know how to do it properly.

Once you know your body fat percentage, use the equation example below (with your variables plugged in) to track progress. In the following hypothetical scenario, the person loses seven pounds (three kilograms) of body fat and gains two pounds (one kilogram) of muscle after using WinFit for one month:

  • Starting numbers: 200 pounds (91 kilograms) of body weight x 20% body fat = 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of fat and 160 pounds (72.5 kilograms) of muscle
  • After one month: 195 pounds (88 kilograms) of body weight x 17% body fat = 33 pounds (15 kilograms) of body fat and 162 pounds (73 kilograms) of muscle

2. Hosting Meetings: A Powerful Way to Capitalize on WinFit

Our Austrian team sets an outstanding example for all LifeWave business builders. In mid September, shortly after the WinFit launch in Copenhagen, they decided to host an event to capitalize on its unprecedented momentum. With over 245 tickets sold in a short period of time, the event was an unequivocal success!

According to Peter Siwatz, one of our Members and a host of the event: “The people love the product and cannot wait to get their hands on it!” Along with Peter, we want to congratulate and thank Gitti Siwatz, Siggi Feichter, Brigitte Feichter, Hermine Mock and Roswitha Unterwieser for organizing this event.

As WinFit continues to soar with unmatched sales, there’s no better time to host a similar event of your own. And don’t forget to download our full range of marketing support materials to help attract attendees. To access these materials, login to your Back Office, click the Resources tab at the top of the page and then click Marketing Tools on the left-hand side.