Win a Dream Cruise Vacation – Check out the winners to date

Congratulations to our winners to date for our Dream Cruise Vacation Promotion!

There is still time to win a place on the trip! This promotion ends April 30th, 2019 so you have one month left to get enrolling new members and win those points.

Celebrating 15 Years of LifeWave, this cruise is going to be one big party! LifeWave CEO and Founder, David Schmidt will be there, alongside Marketing VP, Jim Caldwell. The top members in the business are all striving to be on this vacation, and you should too! Anyone has the ability to win!

To view the list of winners, log into your back office and click on the resource section. There you will see a side menu with the title ‘cruise winners’.

Don’t worry if you feel like you won’t reach the points criteria – you have the option to pay-your-way. Click Here to find out more!