Where do you find customers who could become your next big leader?

There are so many categories for life’s pursuits.  Here’s one:  Know anyone who plays sports?  Of course you do!  Think about the people you know who play sports.  Or like to stay active.  Whether futbol or American football, soccer, baseball, cricket, golf, tennis… runners, walkers, cyclists… hundreds of millions of people keep their bodies moving… or try to.  Would they benefit from LifeWave?  Of course they would!  The benefits from using any number of LifeWave patches for things like energy, faster recovery, pain management, more stamina, more focus… are many!  So what should you do?  Approach someone you know who plays sports or likes to work out, and share the X39® video, share a testimonial, suggest right then that they do some pushups… and watch them do more with Energy Enhancers.  Engage them in the technology. Let them try LifeWave.  Using is believing!  Help them realize how much faster or stronger they can be… or how much longer they can go… using LifeWave.  Once they experience Lifewave, they’ll talk.  People who take care of themselves will tell others about something that makes them enjoy their physical fitness more.  And that word of mouth is what it is all about!  So get with those who are into sports and fitness, share the tech and watch what happens!