What Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast

Most experts agree that breakfast is an essential part of any good diet. Some of these experts share what they love to eat in the morning, and now you can apply these tips to your daily routine. Here are four great ways to jumpstart your morning with a healthy twist:

  1. Oatmeal pancakes: nutritionist and trainer Franci Cohen makes simple, flourless batter consisting of old-fashioned oats, egg whites, grated apple and a dash of cinnamon. They’re high in fiber, protein and vitamins, and keep you full all morning.
  1. Broccoli: registered dietician, Ashley Koff, tries to eat broccoli every day. Why? Because it contains glucoraphanin, which converts to an antioxidant when it’s consumed. She has two favorite ways to eat it: add a serving of frozen broccoli to a smoothie. Or sauté the florets and leaves (which taste sweet) in avocado or coconut oil, then cook an egg and scramble it right in with the veggies.
  1. Superfood parfait: yoga teacher, chef and nutritionist, Sophie Jaffe, makes a layered parfait in a different way—she mixes up her own puree in a blender, consisting of pitted dates (for sweetness and fiber), berries, coconut milk and protein powder. Then she layers the mixture with nuts, seeds, fresh berries and shredded coconut (yogurt optional).
  1. Eggs on the go: Trishna Joshi, lead nutritionist for the The Fresh Diet, keeps a few hard-boiled eggs cooked and ready in the fridge. She then peels them, slices them in half and tops each piece with whole-grain mustard and pepper; both add great flavor with very few calories.