Wellness Tips For A Better You This Summer!

An abundance of information is readily available to us in many forms, by the click of a button or the turning of a page. With that, we must be conscious that not everything we read is accurate! We have filtered the fact from fiction to help you discover the truth about your health and wellbeing.

  1. Fluid Intake

Some say drinking too much water can have as many negative effects as drinking too little. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommend approximately 3.7 litres per day for men and 2.7 litres per day for women. However, many people view this as straight water, these recommended amounts include fluids from beverages, food and water. Remember, fruit and vegetables including zucchini and celery are made up of a whopping 95% water!

  1. Stretching

Stretching has a phenomenal impact on the human body. From the moment you get out of bed, your body naturally stretches itself into the correct posture, lengthening your muscles. Taking a few moments every morning to stretch improves your overall flexibility, reduces the likeliness of injuries.

  1. Get Your Sleep!

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have serious impacts on your overall health including diabetes, heart disease, skin aging and impairs judgement. Getting enough rest is fundamental to your health and well-being, don’t forfeit it!

  1. Fruit and Veg

Consuming your 5-a-day fruit and veg is important to help you feel good and to fight off colds and flus. Smoothies are an excellent way of ensuring you have your recommended daily allowance of fruit, and soups are an incredible way of consuming veg! Start your day with a smoothie at breakfast time and see how much better your body feels in a matter of days!

  1. Get Some Fresh Air

The great outdoors is full of fresh air which helps to boost oxygen flow to the brain, going for a short walk releases endorphins in the body, helping you feel amazing!