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We know that members across the globe are feeling or seeing incredible results using X39™ and also have seen a resurgence in their business-building success.   We want to hear about it! Please send us your testimonial, including any before and after pictures, showing and/or telling what you have experienced using or sharing X39™. But also, it is important to hear of your success as you grow your LifeWave business. What are you doing specifically that is making a difference in your bank balance?! What set of actions are your repeating over and over, and teaching your team to do, that are leading to more and more success?! Testimonials are the life blood of any network marketing company and at LifeWave, as our business accelerates, it is even more true! Simply send your testimonial to mytestimonial@lifewave.com and odds are good you may see it in Splash, on our website or posted on Facebook or Twitter. In advance…. A big Thank You!