Wave Bonus Reporting Now Available in the Back Office!

Great news LifeWave Leaders! You now have the tools you need to see exactly where your growth and Wave Bonuses come from. Wave Bonus Reporting is now available in your back office and access is easy.

To get started, simply login and click the “Organization” tab in the top navigation. Next, click the “Coding Team” link in the left-side navigation (8th link down). Here you can see everyone on your Foundation Team and Legacy Team, and at what level each of them are.

To see exactly where your Wave Bonuses come from, click the Commissions” tab in the top navigation and then click the “My Earnings” link in the left-side navigation. Next, select a specific week by clicking on the dollar amount of commissions. Here you can click on any Wave Bonus type you’ve earned, see precisely what enrollment created that bonus and at what level you currently are.

We’re very pleased to offer tools that help you monitor and nurture your growing business. After all, your performance in the field is LifeWave’s greatest asset. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work!