W.O.W. Launches Regional Advisory Boards

W.O.W. (Women of the Wave) offers abundant support, knowledge, recognition and training, along with special events tailored exclusively to our LifeWave women Members. Those active in W.O.W. see the tangible benefits of achieving both vibrant health and dynamic business growth.

This vital LifeWave group continues to grow and expand on an international level. In addition to an existing Global Advisory Board, W.O.W. has now established Regional Advisory Boards in the United States, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

Each Advisory Board provides guidance and mentorship, which includes inspiring educational events and webinars, and establishing consistent organizational structure. All of which helps W.O.W. Members improve their business-building skills, while enriching their lives on a personal level.

We’d like to recognize the following Regional Advisory Board Leaders and Members for their outstanding W.O.W. contributions:

United States

  • Joan Norton – Leader
  • Alba Falcon
  • Andrea Hardy
  • Nickie Chan


  • Vivi Birkehoej – Leader


  • Christine Gay-Girrbach – Leader
  • Corrine Lebon
  • Aurelia de Ferluc
  • Muriel Catella


  • Hermine Obermann – Leader
  • Brigette Stocker
  • Gerda Rumpler
  • Karin Hainzer
  • Renata Smolkova
  • Claudia Huber
  • Sonja Loferer


  • Saly Camacho – Leader


  • Halina Potocka – Leader
  • Anna Waskiewicz