VERY Exciting Promos for the New Year!

We have two very different, but equally exciting, promotions to start the year off with a big motivational bang!

The first, “Pot of Gold,” will start on January 6 and run until February 9, 2014. If you are a Gold Member, or upgrade to a Gold Membership, and then sponsor three new Gold Members, you will be upgraded to a Diamond Membership! You will also receive a VERY special gift that we will disclose soon (we can’t tell you yet, but it is an intrinsic part of a BIG announcement coming soon). All new Gold enrollees who qualify for rewards must be active for a minimum of 90 days.

The second promotion is…a cruise! We’re celebrating ten years of incredible success by cruising the Caribbean in style! Hundreds of LifeWave Family Members will join together for this once in a decade event! This promo began on January 6 and will run until May 11, 2014. Earn YOUR spot on the LifeWave Tenth Anniversary Caribbean cruise!

Any Member who is Wave Bonus qualified can win a cruise by earning $4000 in Wave Bonuses during the qualification period. Any Member may participate as long as they become Wave Bonus qualified within the promo period. All new enrollees who help qualify their upline for the rewards must be active for a minimum of 90 days. Special Note: if the LifeWave stateroom block is exhausted (making it impossible for some qualified Members to attend), LifeWave will pay the value of the cruise, estimated to be $2000.

Ride the wave and win a cruise!!!