Using Twitter to Reach Out and Network

We’ve all heard about the concept of tweeting, but how much do we really know about the world of tweeting, and Twitter itself?

Twitter was created in San Diego, California, United States in 2006 as a networking platform where people could connect and send messages or tweets in real-time. 12 years later, Twitter is now the most popular micro-blogging website beating competitors.

With over 330 million worldwide users per month, with 69 million in the US alone, how are you reaching out to these people to help build your networking empire?

According to research, approximately 350,000 tweets are sent per minute, for network marketing this is hugely beneficial. You can potentially reach over 300 million people by sitting behind your computer in your home, sounds easy right? That’s because it is.

An excellent tool on Twitter is the “retweet” button, essentially this duplicates your tweet in inverted commas showing the original person who posted the tweet. As a result of a retweet, people can follow you and all of your future activity. This feature can often be underestimated, a tweet can be retweeted an indefinite number of times while the social media platform will show the last one hundred people that retweeted.

On Twitter, you are limited to 1000 tweets per day, these tweets can include links to videos, images or even to other social media platforms, the choice is yours. The limit of people you can reach with one tweet is between 1 and 330 million users. We can see the benefit of having a large following group in terms of Twitter, but the significance of a strong, consistent online presence is truly the key to the success of network marketing.

The unique thing about Twitter is that it provides a support network to you, all you have to do is network with the right people. Another special aspect of Twitter is the power of connecting with individuals both near and far – anyone can network with anyone. By getting your timing right, you can potentially reach millions of people, by the click of a button.

The power of an online presence is that it improves accessibility for all, in network marketing this helps improve relationships between you and your network whilst maintaining a consistent existence online, to help you get an edge over any competition. Online presence also builds trust amongst the network and makes it easier to sell products and Twitter makes this easier than ever. By sending a tweet, keeping it consistent and building a large network you can reach millions simply by the click of a button!

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