Use Social Media to Promote Your LifeWave Business

Building your LifeWave business and engaging in social media share some striking similarities. Both begin with a single person and lead to numerous connections, which can lead to a virtually endless amount of more connections. And like your LifeWave business, there are some pretty easy ways to expand your network using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Here are five helpful tips* on using social media to maximize your LifeWave business:

  1. To start with, keep it simple – Select either Facebook or Twitter, and familiarize yourself on how to use that particular site. Once you’re comfortable, then consider moving on to another outlet/site.
  2. Avoid personal memoirs – Only write about your experiences if it’s relevant on a business/networking level, and avoid shameless product promotions. Providing valuable content will help your network of followers grow.
  3. Share, share and share some more – Sharing valuable information is one of the most important ways to use social media effectively. One of LifeWave’s main goals with social media is posting content that’s inspiring enough for our Members to share. This provides you with engaging information to post on your personal business pages, and saves you time searching for content elsewhere.
  4. Align your business and social media objectives – The goal is to inform and educate about your LifeWave business and ultimately attract more prospects. You won’t see amazing numbers overnight, but a little patience and persistence will pay off. Ultimately, the more these two endeavors align, the better your business results will be.
  5. Build on your success – Review how people react to each post. Instead of reinventing the wheel, keep doing what works best. Impactful content will generate more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on Facebook and more ‘retweets’ and ‘mentions’ on Twitter.