Use Our Social Media to Boost Your Business

Social media is an incredible tool for growing your business and introducing new people to both the LifeWave products and business opportunity.  If you’re like most people, you may be overwhelmed by the idea of creating an active social media presence because you’ve heard it requires a lot of time and attention. Well, it’s true. That said, you can always start small and still benefit in a big way from whatever effort you are able put in!

Start simple and focus on creating a vibrant presence on just one social media network. Whether you’re the most active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Google Plus, choose the network you understand best AND the one where you have the most connections with other people.

In simplest terms, a vibrant, active presence means:

  • Posting interesting content multiple times a day (content that will intrigue people to interact with your post in some way—“like”, comment, etc.)
  • Responding to every message, question or comment you receive on your page

Tip: Don’t post “hard-sell” messages (ex. Buy now!) that you wouldn’t want to see on your own newsfeed from your friends or wouldn’t say to someone in person

How LifeWave Can Help

We have a presence on each of the popular social networks we listed above (click on each to see our Corporate page). A goal of ours whenever we post anything on social media is to post content that our Members will find interesting and want to share with others. We do this to help provide you with content you can “share” on your own personal business pages in order to lessen the amount of time you spend searching for good content to post.

Example #1:

If we post a CORSENTIALS testimonial on our Facebook page, click “share” on our post so the content will be placed on your own profile and will also show up in your newsfeed for your “friends” to see.  If your friends see a powerful testimonial they can relate to, a door may be opened for them to ask you questions about what you posted. This is a wonderful non-invasive way to prospect!

Example #2:

Take part in our brand new CORSENTIALS Facebook contest and post your CORSENTIALS business testimonial with picture to our Facebook page every week. When you do this, your post on our page may show up in your own newsfeed for your friends to see. Once your friends read about the incredible business success you’re experiencing with CORSENTIALS, they may want to sign up to be a LifeWave Member, so that they can experience the same financial freedom!

For complete details on our brand new CORSENTIALS Facebook contest and how you can win a FREE box of CORSENTIALS, please click here.