Update: An Even Better CORSENTIALS Video!

You’ve more than likely seen our initial CORSENTIALS video on our brand new website. Well, to help you get the word out about the amazing reaction we’re experiencing with CORSENTIALS, we’ve updated the product video with testimonials from LifeWave Members from all over the world! The new video can be viewed here:


Since the U.S. January launch, worldwide enthusiasm for CORSENTIALS has continued to intensify:

I wake up each day with anticipation, waiting to discover the increase in benefits I’ll find when I drink my Theta One.  I’ve been taking it for about 9 days now and the results keep compounding: more energy, core strength, a general feeling of well-being and today a difference in my skin.  The skin on my face seems smoother. I can’t wait to see what happens after 30, 60 and 90 days. “- Dr. Joan N., LifeWave Distributor, United States

I’ve been using Theta One for the last 2 weeks and have to let you know that I am in love with this product. I have a great mood, strength and energy for entire days. Thank you David and LifeWave for your extraordinary commitment to helping people.”-Halina P., LifeWave Distributor, Poland

For those who have not heard yet, CORSENTIALS is LifeWave’s most advanced and revolutionary product yet. It combines our patented Y-Age Aeon patch technology with Theta One and our exclusive nutrient system, Theta Activate.  Benefits include immune system support, reduced stress associated with aging and much, much more! If the initial reactions are any indication, CORSENTIALS can be categorized as life changing!