Upcoming LifeWave Events: Living Past 100!

If you want to learn the secrets to a long, healthy, life, you must attend our Copenhagen event! Hear exclusive insights from our Founder and CEO, David Schmidt, that won’t be available anywhere else.

Learn the Following and More:

  • The real reason you age: and why ordinary vitamins and supplements do not slow the aging process.
  • A protein you should take every day: it’s been shown to help reverse one symptom of aging.
  • Aging and biophysics: mainstream medicine and biochemistry only tell half the story – discover how using energy medicine can dramatically increase your odds for healthy longevity.
  • The science behind telomeres: why it’s the most exciting field in anti-aging today.
  • Acupuncture points: clinical research shows that stimulating the right ones can lengthen telomeres, which are the one true indicator of your age.
  • Three life forms are immortal and never die: new information about these creatures is leading scientists to proclaim that aging for humans will become a thing of the past.
  • Do you exercise? learn the types of exercise that promotes youth AND those that accelerate the aging process.
  • Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant: but did you know it can also repair damaged DNA?
  • Important clinical study: performed more than 10 years ago, it shows that carnosine can extend the lifespan of simple organisms by more than 300%, and over 30% for mice. Even more remarkable, the mice grew younger as they aged! Now we know the reason for this dramatic age reversal and life extension, and we’ll tell you how to benefit from it.
  • Y-Age Aeon Patch: You know it reduces stress and decreases inflammation. What you don’t know is that it elevates a peptide linked to an extremely powerful anti-aging mechanism.
  • The Alavida Patch: It promotes healthy skin by reducing oxidative stress, but it also does so much more. In fact, it’s based on the release of a peptide from the pineal gland shown to dramatically reverse aging.
  • Our newest product Nirvana: An incredible way to improve mood and experience daily happiness. But it also holds one of the keys to a longer, healthier life.


Vienna (September 23)
LifeWave is known for exciting product launches and this event continues that tradition! Plus, receive product information and training directly from our Founder and CEO David Schmidt.

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Pay just 69€/$75 USD through July 30, 2017, when you register online! Please note that pricing does not include VAT.

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Copenhagen (September 30)
In addition to the new product launch, this event will feature invaluable business training, special guest speakers and more!

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