Upcoming AcuLife Clinics – Mark Your Calendars!

LifeWave is proud to announce two Advanced Patch Placement Clinics for all Distributors and AcuLife Trainers!

One event takes place at Bit by Bit Arena in Oologah, Oklahoma, on June 28 and 29.*  AcuLife Director John Chance will share information on patching horses for pain and inflammation, as well as other advanced performance placements.

In addition, LifeWave Rep and veteran Dr. Quila Rider will share her extensive knowledge on patching the human body for pain management and improving quality of life. For more details, please call 918-857-5905 or 918-857-5903.

This second event is a free live demonstration on June 28 at Midway Park Arena in Lucerne Valley, California. Brett Baize, exclusive patchman of the National Finals Rodeo, will make an engaging presentation on drug-free, needle-free pain management for horses and people alike.

If you missed the demo at Boulder Creek Ranch, make up for it by attending this amazing clinic. For more details, please contact Brett Baize by calling 559-760-8902 or emailing brettb@getpatched.com.

Seize the opportunity to expand your LifeWave business and knowledge by attending one of these two events – it’s a wonderful way to make a positive change in your life and the lives of those around you.

*The Oklahoma clinic requires a $50 RSVP deposit, completely refundable upon arrival. To pay the $50 deposit, please contact Donna Wooten at 918-857-5905.