Three Wonderful Experiences with the X39!!

‘I had three wonderful experiences so far.
Athlete while jogging in the forest sprained his ankle and patched X-39 on the swelling on the ankle and was pain-free after 20 seconds, after 30 minutes, the swelling had completely disappeared, and my friend was able to fully put weight on his foot, up to this day.

My sales partner Dagmar came to me for a barbecue and complained of very strong knee pain, what can I say, after 3 seconds her pain reduced to “0”.

My gardener injured his ankle in my back garden on some barbed wire. Four days later he came to me and told me about it I had a look at the injury. It was a horizontal cut of about 10 cm in length on the outside of his ankle. It was very red and swollen open wound.
I stuck the X-39 on the centre of the injury and after just one day the redness and swelling had disappeared, and the injury looked like it was almost healed.
I’m really speechless how fast and effective the X-39 works, thanks David for this great product.’
Siegfried Wölfl