Theta One and the Core System: the LifeWave Revolution Continues!

LifeWave is ushering in 2014 with the introduction of Theta One! Theta One is an exciting new product on its own, but it is also the central component of LifeWave’s brand new Core System—our most advanced product yet! Product benefits include rapid results, immune system support and much, much more! If the initial responses to Theta One and the Core System are any indication, LifeWave’s new product can truly be characterized as life changing. Our Leaders were invited to try the product and positive feedback has been pouring in since the beginning of the year!

“This product seems absolutely amazing… congratulations LifeWave and colleagues – Theta One is wellness, health and increased performance in a stick pack—I have never achieved anything easier or more effectively.”- Miguel Molina

“I think the Theta One is a very powerful product. I use Glutathione three times a week, Silent Nights nearly every night and Energy Enhancer when I’m training karate so my body is working fine for me and I don’t have any pain. I felt that my body is stronger and I think I have more energy.” Jens Hannesson

“I’m now on Theta One for two weeks, and I feel more powerful and have no performance issues throughout the day. By the way, I have also a very good night’s sleep. I’m also far more powerful in fitness training. Theta One really is a top product.”- Sigi Wölfl

“I started using Theta One for a few days. I can only say that I feel great, full of energy and my enthusiasm is very high. I am sure that this product will change the lives of so many people and will represent an amazing financial opportunity. Thanks David, and thanks LifeWave!”-Rocco Pelle

“My experience with Theta One is very positive. I’m using it for the 6th day now, and I can say that I feel very energetic and healthy. I use Theta One every morning and feel very well during the whole day. No lack of energy, but a strong and powerful feeling till late evening.”-Axel Steller

“Both my wife and I had an incredible experience with Theta One. We started taking it on January 1st (this is our 9th day). Since January 1st, both my wife and I have not drunk one single cup of coffee. Instead we drink Theta One. The experience is incredible. I feel energized. Before Theta One, there were times that I would get tired around 3 or 4 o’clock. Not anymore.” -Paul Yao

“Since the last 2 weeks, my morning ritual is to drink Theta One and put an Aeon patch on. Within a few minutes, I feel fresh and energetic for the day. As I work very long hours, I also can confirm that I have more energy through the whole day.”-Wolfgang Weinzettl

Look for more exciting information about the Core System in the (very) near future!