Theta Mind: Facebook Contest Winners!

In February, when we announced that Theta Mind was being discontinued, we received an outpouring of personal stories that were inspiring to say the least. We were particularly moved by one Facebook post from the loving parents of a young man named Alex.

Alex was in a severe snowboarding accident that put him in a coma, and initially the outlook didn’t look good. However, in combination with many things, including drinking Theta Mind and using our patches, he began making a full recovery. In response to this incredible story, we sent Alex and his family a year’s supply of Theta Mind. Alex’s condition has improved considerably, and he hopes to one day be a teacher.

While we cannot validate that Theta Mind is responsible for Alex’s miraculous recovery, we were sincerely astonished by his progress and thrilled to hear of his positive outcome. So encouraged, in fact, we felt compelled to see how many other lives have been transformed by LifeWave products. Based on this idea, we decided to run a Facebook contest and give other Members a chance to post their personal stories and win a year’s supply of Theta Mind.

After careful consideration, we have chosen our five favorite stories (see winners below). Suffice it to say, this was no easy decision, and we want to thank everyone who participated in this special contest. Your enthusiastic support of LifeWave products is what makes it all possible.

Congratulations to Our Five Contest Winners! 

Christina Hauber – Denmark
Eva Lindblom Hald – Spain
Jytte Skovgaard – Denmark
Betty Koudal – Denmark
Marilyn Lyon – U.S.