The Science of Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation, or PBM for short, is a great term you can use when discussing our unique form of wellness technology with someone who wants to hear more about the technology, after you have shown them the X39™ video.  Recently David Schmidt our Founder and CEO, held a general product training webinar on our technology and discussed how the science of PBM has gone mainstream. He referenced a great article on it that can be seen here. It was written by Michael R. Hamblin, PhD., a Harvard Medical School associate professor and an affiliate at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  What is significant about this article is that it gets into the role low-level light plays in various forms of wellness therapy and validates the concept associated with what LifeWave patches do using light to stimulate the skin for balancing our biochemistry. It’s great to know experts at the highest level in academic research already know the power of light in helping the body perform better or heal faster… and LifeWave is there!