The new Business Opportunity Video is now available.

The new Business Opportunity video (English only) is ready in the Back Office (with virtually all other languages dropping in the back office in the next few weeks). In case you didn’t catch the email, here are the links to the YouTube channel where you can watch either video:

Phototherapy:   Acupressure:

This new tool is a great companion to the X39™ video.  Now when talking with a prospect, you can lead with this video and follow up with the X39™ product video, or the other way around.   These videos can do a lot of the talking for you! Sharing this new video can be as easy as sending a link and asking someone… “Have you seen this?  Take a look and let’s talk.”  And then you follow up with X39™…  then some testimonials… then the website… then a 3-Way call… a series of exposures like these will bring any prospect to a decision point to either learn more or walk away… and that’s OK.  You want to work with people who want to work with you!

Over the next 6 to 8 months a lot more is coming to make your job easier, better, more effective… more successful… and we wouldn’t want to any other way!