‘The doctor said she was amazed at how quickly I was healing’

‘I had an accident which caused a deep laceration on my left shin. It required 10 stitches on the outside and 2 on the inside. The Dr. said: “your one lucky dude you just missed the nerve by a hair.” It was about a 3-inch laceration and I could visually see my shin bone. Yes, not for the faint of heart.

I was sharing with David Schmidt my situation and he was gracious enough to get me started on the X39. I was also eager as an athlete and surfer I was hopeful this would reduce my down time and get me back in action. As you can see from image 1 the day of the laceration I had stitches and a gash on my shin and it was inflamed.

I used X39 near the area and as illustrated in the instruction for use. Just 4 days after the accident and you can see very little swelling and redness reduced. One of the things that I noticed was that I had a severe reduction in aches and discomfort around the area. Even the swelling was minimal.

Another 2 days I felt we were close to getting them removed. Which would have been a long shot for such a traumatic injury, but you can see how well it is healing. Another 3 days I was hopeful I could get the stitches out. The doctor said she was amazed at how quickly I was healing, and it looked really good. They were removed, and the Dr. released me and said I was good to surf and resume normal activity.

I am so impressed at my progress and how incredible it is healing. I would like to say thank you to David Schmidt for giving me the opportunity to use X39 and share my results with everyone.’

– Jim L.