The 2016 Kickoff Event: It Only Happens Once a Year

If there was ever a reason to clear space on your calendar, this is it! Like many great experiences that only happen once a year, the 2016 Kickoff Event on January 30 will light the way for positive things to come. Let these words of wisdom from LifeWave Leaders guide you there:

  • If your business is growing, come to Southern California to keep feeding that growth. If your business is stalling a little, let this gathering give you a quick shot of adrenaline and the nourishment you need to get back on track. Make a ‘what-ever-it-takes’ decision to be there. It just may be the key to your future success!
    Joan N., Presidential Director (USA)
  • Copenhagen was the best event I’ve ever been to and I expect more of the same in Southern California. You really can’t afford to miss the 2016 Kickoff Event!
    Grzegorz B., Director (Poland)

There’s only one 2106 Kickoff Event, so make sure you attend. It may just be the most important decision you make all year.

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