The 15th Anniversary Dream Cruise Vacation of a Lifetime Contest Just Finished!

We sure hope you were among the many members who earned at least 15 Points to initially qualify for what will undoubtedly be our most exciting cruise ever through the sunny Caribbean, Nov 4 through 8th. Remember, now’s the time to make sure any New Members you enrolled stay active at least 60 days to lock in your qualification for this fun cruise.


Considering the power of LifeWave technology, especially now with X39™, your New Members should already be hard at work sharing LifeWave with others as they experience the technology themselves. Plus the New Member Bonus is theirs for the taking! The last thing they should be doing is even considering quitting! There are now more reasons than ever to be hard at work helping them build their teams.


In fact, whether you are heading for the cruise or not, remember the possibilities each New Member represents. So, sit down with them if you haven’t already and help them make a long list of who they know and who those people know. Walk them through the inviting process. Help them discover the value of 3-Way calls. Show them how our marketing tools can help them deliver the message. Share the best ways to demonstrate the technology. You know what can happen. Help New Members expose LifeWave several times in several ways to 15 or 20 people to discover just 2 people who see what we all see. And help them do the same thing! We are in the middle of powerful growth momentum, so take advantage, and help your team stay active and build!