Testimonial: “LifeWave Helped Us Win Four Medals”

There’s no denying that LifeWave products are truly making a difference, but sometimes they’re put to the test in a serious way. Professional figure skaters Karen Kan and James Gann relate how the patches helped them during their training for a recent competition:

“I’ve been a fan of LifeWave patches for more than 14 years, and I was using them to train for the 2019 International Skating Union Adult Figure Skating Championships in October last year. Two days before my first event, I fell and hit the back of my head HARD on the ice. James said it sounded like a bowling ball being dropped on the ice.  At the time, I had X39® on the back of my neck and Energy Enhancer patches, Y-Age Aeon patches and IceWave on my knees. I did not lose consciousness and I did not feel any pain.  The next morning, I had absolutely no signs of a concussion and no swelling. It was a miracle! We skated clean, inspired programs and won four medals!”                                                                                  ~ Skater Karen Kan, M.D.

“I regularly use X39®, Y-Age Aeon, Energy Enhancer and Carnosine, and I notice a remarkable improvement in the speed of my recovery. I can train super-hard in Crossfit and still figure skate afterward! My muscle development and definition keeps improving even as I get older. Thank you, David Schmidt and LifeWave!”                                 ~ Husband/Skating Partner James Gann