Successful Y-Age Aeon Study Now Published

LifeWave recently published results of the first double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the Y-Age Aeon patch.* The study evaluated the effects of the patch on the autonomic nervous system, and more specifically its ability to reduce stress in the body. Data were acquired from 50 volunteers, (21 females and 29 males), ages 19 to 79.

Results show that wearing the Y-Age Aeon patch for 20 minutes could reduce stress, with varying degrees, for most participants. Further, it’s reasonable to expect that wearing the patch after 30 minutes may cause a significant relaxation effect in the majority of the population. It’s also important to note that 25 percent of participants had a relaxation response within 20 minutes when wearing the placebo patch, compared to 60 percent when wearing the Y-Age Aeon patch.

Y-Age Aeon is also an essential component in our CORSENTIALS Wellness System, which transforms health with powerful benefits and rapid results.

*Click here to learn about Y-Age Aeon in the EU.