Starters can now earn Retail Commissions

As you know, in some countries, where the economic conditions and circumstances can be challenging, affording a position package such as Gold or Diamond can be difficult for some. We realize people need an option to use their own sweat equity to climb… to rise to the top within Lifewave, no matter where they live or what their situation.

We are happy to announce that new members who join as a Starter will be able to earn retail commissions as well as product introduction bonuses on new members they enroll. This will allow them to become established in the network, get to know the LifeWave business better, and to earn some money that eventually can allow them to advance within the organisation.

Even though Starters have no inventory, cannot buy product at a better discount than comes with a higher enrollment package and cannot effectively experience LifeWave technology, they will be in a position to share the business with others and urge others to try the technology, based on what they know and hear from other users…and earn some money doing it.

Becoming a Starter is a start… but of course anyone who is serious about building a LifeWave business, will consistently be urging anyone to enroll as a Gold or higher to be able to start experiencing the full benefits of LifeWave.

So when someone really has the interest but no money to commit, they can get started for almost nothing and start earning cash. The New Starter Program: There when you need it.