Splash Publishing Instructions

How to Input Approved Splash Content as Posts

  1. Once content is approved,  begin to input articles into  WordPress Administration area under Posts –> Add New 
  2. Start with the last article/post and work backwards towards the first, so that the homepage sort order is correct at the end.  The order of homepage posts is descending from most recent on top.  If needed later use the Publish on: time to adjust order of articles.
  3. Content: For each Post input the post Title and Content, and format the content.  Select a single Category for the post.
  4. Image: For each Post input the image name into the custom field “article-image” (See section below for image naming conventions.)
  5. Publish: When a post, image name and formatting is complete its time to Publish the post.  Use the Publish on:  feature to set the date of the post on the Thursday of the same week. Click Update to publish the post (at the future date).
  6. Send to Translation:  in the sidebar under Language –> “Professional Translation” click to select all 6 languages and then click “Send to Translation”.
  7. Repeat steps for each article. Until all articles are added and sent to translation.
  8. Check translation jobs: Visit the WMPL –> Translation  Management –> Translation Jobs (TAB)  to make sure that all posts have been submitted as a translation job for each of the languages.


How to Add Images and Image Names

For each Post add the image name into the custom field called “article-image”. If you do not see the Custom Fields section, scroll to the top of the post page and click “Screen Options”  and make sure “Custom Fields” is checked.

Images for top 3 or 4 Articles: Date in filename changes with each issue by month-date.  Set the date to the  coming Thursday of the current week.  

Article 1: https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mm-dd-a.jpg
Article 2: https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mm-dd-b.jpg
Article 3: https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mm-dd-c.jpg
Article 4: https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mm-dd-d.jpg
Article 5: https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mm-dd-e.jpg
Article 6: https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mm-dd-f.jpg

Images for  Articles: 

News:                                        https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/news.jpg

newsBusiness Tips:                      https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/bus.jpg


WOW:                                         https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/wow.jpg

wowTraining WOW:                    https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/train-wow.jpg  train-wow

WOW Motivation Monday:             https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/wow-momo.jpg train

Training Webinar:             https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/train.jpg train

Training Call:                       https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/train-2.jpgtrain-2

Corporate Update Call:                       https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/train-corp.jpgtrain-2

Training “Member”:       https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/train-3.jpgtrain-3

Customer Service:            https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/cs.jpgcs

Member Recognition:     https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/reco.jpg


Mike Collins:                         https://lifewavesplash.com/images/2016/mike.jpg

David Schmidt:                   


How to add an additional image to a Post:

  1. Place cursor in the Post text where you want the image added
  2. Click “Add Media” and upload the file. The image file needs to be 600px wide. Have a designer crop and size the image if needed.
  3. Add Caption for the image if needed
  4. Under DISPLAY SETTINGS, set the following options: Align–>Center, Size–> Full Size, Link To –>None

Other Notes

Member Recognition Titles

  • NO    May 1 Through May 7
  • YES   May 1 – 7  or  May 31  – June 7

Customer Service Titles

  • NO     Customer Service
  • YES   Customer Service: Autoship

LifeWave News Titles

  • NO     LifeWave News
  • YES   Europe Tour: Munich Meeting a Success

Button Styles

To make any link look like a button, add a class to the button link code like so:

<a href=https://lifewavesplash.com/ class=button-register >REGISTER NOW</a>

REGISTER NOW class=button-register

MORE INFORMATION class=button-moreinfo


Custom Email Blast set up using a blank PAGE template

The “Custom Email” template page in WordPress has the Splash branding removed and can be used for any email blast translations. (Example)

To set up a custom blast and submit it for translations follow these steps:

  1.  In the WordPress Dashboard areas go to Pages –> Add New
  2. Enter subject of the email in to the Title field
  3. Past written content into content field
  4.  In the sidebar under Page Attributes set
    1. Parent –> Custom Email Blasts
    2. Default Template –> Custom Email
  5. Click Publish. These pages cannot be seen by a user without a link therefore is OK to publish them right away. 
  6. Translation options:
    1. Send to Professional Translation through iCanLocalize
    2. Translate yourself by clicking on + next to each language