Some Great New Articles that Remind You How Great LifeWave Technology is!

The power of Aeon, the wonder of stem cells, the dangers of stem cell therapy… these three really interesting articles will give you plenty to talk about as you showcase the power of LifeWave technology.

News 1

Synopsis — A great article on the value of balancing the autonomic nervous system. Here’s why it is relevant:  In a study conducted by Dr. Tom Budzynski on our Aeon patch back in 2010, he discovered that Aeon technology significantly helped to balance the autonomic nervous system!  And of course, we were able to correlate this to anti-aging effects.  So, we were only about 10 years ahead of leading scientists!

News 2

This is an article that will remind you of David Schmidt’s experiences working with Planaria and applying his unique lab technologies to helping injured Planaria regenerate dramatically faster.  This time the subject is a hydra, and it speaks to the wonder of stem cells and how incredibly powerful they can be in the healing process.

News 3

This article focuses on the regular occurrence where bad stem cell therapies are foisted on ill-informed victims who do not do their homework!  The message is:  Be careful, do your research, and when in doubt, do not proceed with the procedure.  Life is too short!  Tell others to use X39® and activate existing stem cells in their bodies… they’ll be amazed at the results!