Sharpening Your Skills in the Booming Direct Sales Industry

The direct sales industry is big business, and getting bigger – something to remember as you grow your LifeWave enterprise and reap the rewards of achieving your personal and financial goals.

Statistics show that direct selling not only is lucrative, but has also grown significantly over the past few decades. Worldwide over 100 million people are currently involved in the industry (approximately 15.6 million individuals in the U.S. alone) and annual sales total over $114 billion – all indicating that direct sales play a significant role in the economic sector globally. Statistics also indicate that health and wellness products account for a major share of these sales, behind home products.

In addition, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), of the top 15 countries generating the most revenue in 2010 through direct sales, the U.S. led with sales totaling $28.6 billion. Other leaders were: Japan ($22.7 billion); China ($12.5 billion); Germany ($3.8 billion); Italy ($3.2 billion); France ($2.4 billion), and the U.K. ($1.8 billion).

How can you sharpen your skills to further succeed in this lucrative frontier? In her newest book, Be a Direct Selling Superstar, best-selling author Mary Christensen offers a comprehensive guide to building, leading and managing a profitable direct sales business. Christensen takes a master plan approach, framing a step-by-step roadmap for long-term success in such areas as:

• Goal-setting and time management
• Eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors
• Marketing products and business opportunities effectively
• Communicating persuasively
• Building a committed network of sellers
• Being an influential leader

“By building a direct selling business you can achieve a lifestyle most people dream about,” says Christensen. “And you’ll do so by helping others achieve the income and lifestyle they dream about.”

Christensen also points out the importance of truly believing in what you sell. “If you genuinely believe in your business you won’t hesitate to seek out and invite others to join.”

This should be inspiring to LifeWave Members and Leaders. As you know, using our products is the best way to understand how transformative they really are. Says Christiansen: “Direct selling is a personal growth business, and it is impossible to grow your business without growing yourself.”

Commit now to attending future LifeWave corporate events. This will inspire others to follow your lead, and ultimately help you reap the benefits that come with dedication to your business.