As you undoubtedly have heard, social media can be a powerful tool for leveraging your time and effectively engaging followers with the spirit of LifeWave. Be sure not to fall into the trap of posting “anything” to make yourself feel like you are using the medium successfully. Giving people real, valuable information that they can put to work today… or asking them questions, to pull a response and to engage their emotions or intellect… have a better chance of working in your favour as you inform others of the health benefits of LifeWave and build a successful team of team-builders.

Engage your followers and provide information to them without trying to sell in every post and your business has a better chance of flourishing as more people like and share what you have posted. Here are 3 essential rules to consider when using social media for your business:

  1. SHARE: Share something important and meaningful. We have a host of great articles in splash that would be of interest to many people – give them the link and let the article do the talking for you. People have busy lives, challenges, no time. Be relevant. Be to the point. Use humour where it is natural. Have fun with your posts!
  2. ENGAGE: There’s nothing like a reader sensing a “twinkle in the eye” from you to generate a response. Think about what you respond to. Turn it around and establish that empathetic voice that understands what they deal with from day to day. Ask questions and comment on other peoples’ content that is of interest to you. It’s a conversation. Show them the real you, that you see and hear them. There is after all, a real person sitting on the other side of the keyboard!
  3. EDUCATE: LifeWave is about easing human suffering and improving the health and well-being of every person we encounter. Informing and educating your audience from time to time is key. But to pass on valuable information, you need to educate yourself too…not only on the products and their benefits, but on what else is out there, what are experts saying about certain health issues that you know LifeWave can help alleviate. Use the back office where there is a growing number of tools to keep you informed. Search the internet for what is latest on stem cells, for instance. Practice talking about all aspects of LifeWave, including the opportunity to add the LifeWave revenue model to their lifestyle. Educate them and there’s a good chance they will come to you!