Senior Presidential Director Achieved in Record Time!

Here is something truly remarkable. This was recently achieved by not one, but two of our members… and one sponsored the other! Yoshihiro (Hiro) Mizuochi, who only joined the company in July 2018, has already achieved Senior Presidential Director! “LifeWave is beyond my imagination!” Hiro said. “When I heard about X39 and that the science behind it had many patents, that there were serious clinical studies and that the product had something to do with longevity, I just knew this was a winner. I went to work, and things really took off. I now have a great, growing team and owe so much to their hard work. Thank you David Schmidt!”


Thank you Hiro. But it gets better…


Hiro sponsored Takashi Ichikawa and his wife, Yumi, in August 2018. Almost immediately they were working very hard signing up members one after the other and helping others do the same. Fast-forward to today and they too have already achieved the rank of Senior Presidential Director! Talk about a one-two punch, this is it! As Takashi put it, “Yumi and I are very pleased to have achieved the highest title in the world this fast. The LifeWave products work so well and often so quickly, it makes sharing the business opportunity with others very attractive. We want to thank Hiro, who told us about LifeWave products, and we would also like to express our gratitude and thanks to Mr. David Schmidt, who created these wonderful products,” said Takashi.


To Takashi, Yumi and Hiro… on top of the world in record time… Congratulations from all of us at LifeWave!