Science, Showgirls and So Much More!

We just wrapped up LifeWave LIVE! Las Vegas 2020 last week  — it was a rousing and revelatory success. Two premier researchers were featured in Saturday’s presentations – Dr. Melinda Connor and Dr. Gaetan Chevalier. Both presented their latest scientific studies on the dramatic, life-enhancing effects of X39®, and their findings were jaw-dropping

World-renowned wordsmith Phil M. Jones was on hand to show us all “Exactly What to Say” from his book on that same subject, and LifeWave VP of Marketing, Jim Caldwell, with APP creator John Preski unveiled InTouch — a new LifeWave mobile app that makes follow-up fun! (See details in another article in this month’s Splash.)

LifeWave founder David Schmidt shared exciting plans for 2020, the latest on our amazing technology and along with Jim, recognized our top achievers in the company that are really getting it done! And some of you may have caught members attending the event as they exclaimed over how great it was as LifeWave NOW’s Paula Shaw livestreamed on Facebook!

Hundreds of LifeWave members partied Las Vegas-style on Saturday night, dining and dancing the night away. On Sunday, plenty of interaction ensued as people asked questions about the business, the science and the exciting future of LifeWave.