Regenerate Your Skin with Alavida Regenerating Trio

Our patented, proprietary form of phototherapy boosts the overall health of your skin, inside and out! With several benefits including brightening your complexion for a rejuvenated look, complete hydration, improving the appearance of skin and reducing fine lines.

With our amazing results of almost 90% of people seeing a huge overall improvement in skin appearance in just 3 weeks, 100% of individuals seeing an instant boost in skin hydration, over 70% of people confirming an enhancement in skin firmness in just 3 weeks with almost 80% experiencing a huge improvement in skin radiance in only 6 weeks!

The Regenerating Trio is made up of 2 Alavida patch sleeves, a daily refresh facial nectar and a nightly restore facial crème.

To find out more about this amazing trio visit today or contact your distributor and experience all of these benefits and more for yourself!