Regaining Weight: How to Deal with This Common Problem

Whether they shed it fast or slow, most people regain the weight they lose. But here’s some good news: A recent study shows that 87 percent of participants who lost and kept off a minimum of 30 pounds for a year or more, maintained at least 10 percent of that weight loss over a decade.

Four Tips for Losing Weight the Second Time Around:

  1. Get started, ASAP: As soon you notice you’re slipping, take action right away. “It’s easier to lose two to three pounds than 10 pounds,” explains Linda Houtkooper, nutritional sciences professor at the University of Arizona. “You’ll stay motivated and will be more successful in getting it back off.”
  2. Realize your body is different: If you’ve got less to lose this time around, you might need to shake up your strategy. For instance, you may need fewer calories if you’re lighter than you were when you started the first time.
  3. Exercise to tame your hunger hormones: Exercise does more than just burn calories. In fact, evidence suggests that frequent sweat sessions might help you regulate your appetite and feel more satisfied after meals.
  4. Aim for a sustainable goal: Experts agree that one of the reasons people regain weight is to compensate for the deprivation they experienced during their diets. Adopting a more moderate diet and realistic weight goal the second time around can help.