Promotional Discount on CORSENTIALS – Good through November 9, 2014

To reward our Membership for their efforts in endorsing our most advanced product yet, LifeWave is offering a special CORSENTIALS promotion! Purchase two CORSENTIALS systems at $159.95 each or three CORSENTIALS systems at $149.95 each.*

Combining Theta One, Theta Activate and Y-Age Aeon, the CORSENTIALS system provides powerful benefits, including reduced stress and inflammation in the body, and an activated nutrient system for rapid results.

Your support and promotion of LifeWave products is the driving force behind our success. This is just one way we can show our appreciation for your amazing efforts.

*Promotional items are not eligible for refunds, and you cannot substitute the products that come with this promotion. You must choose the promotion item in your shopping cart and that item is NOT available through autoship.