Poor Diet May be More Unhealthy than Smoking

A study by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)* at the University of Washington finds that poor eating habits are responsible for more deaths than smoking, drinking and drug use. What’s more, an increase in exercise is having no impact on high obesity levels, a growing concern for our nation’s top officials.

An independent research center, IHME unveiled its findings at a “Let’s Move” event hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama. It also featured an interactive evaluation of life expectancy, physical activity, obesity and blood pressure.

The study classified the top ten risk factors for health loss and the number of deaths connected to each, as follows:

  • Dietary risks – 678,282
  • Smoking – 465,651
  • High Blood Pressure – 442,656
  • High Body Mass Index – 363,991
  • Physical Inactivity – 213,669
  • High blood sugar – 213,669
  • High total cholesterol – 158,431
  • Ambient air pollution – 103,027
  • Alcohol use – 88,587
  • Drug use – 25,430

IHME tracks 14 dietary risk factors, which include:

  • Diets low in fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, seafood omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, whole grains, polyunsaturated fatty acids, calcium and milk
  • Diets high in sodium, processed meats, trans fatty acids, sugar-sweetened beverages and red meat

“If the U.S. can make progress with dietary factors, physical activity and obesity, it will see massive reductions in death and disability,” says Ali Mokdad, who heads the county health performance team at IHME. “Unhealthy diets and a lack of physical activity in the U.S. cause more health loss than alcohol or drug use.”

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*Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation