Personal Message From President, Mike Collins

Dear LifeWave Family Members,

Happy New Year!

As good as 2013 was, I am confident that 2014 will be truly phenomenal. That confidence comes from the knowledge that we are developing unparalleled and exciting new cutting-edge products, strategies and marketing ideas for the new year.

As you may know, we recently completed development of a brand new product called Theta One. As everyone will soon find out, Theta One is a revolutionary new nutritional product that is quintessentially LifeWave: you cannot get anything like it anywhere else. It is amazing and will give our Members a substantial new tool to build their businesses throughout the year; its cutting-edge nature is such that we also believe that it will be a solid business base for many years to come. The simplicity and elegance of Theta One is matched only by the simplicity and elegance of the overall LifeWave business model. In fact, we are committed to achieving an even greater degree of synergism between our products and your business. That trend will continue as LifeWave grows exponentially around the world. That means that our Members are in a position to achieve a level of success that some never thought possible.

Our plan for 2014 has a number of BIG surprises. First up, we have two new promotions! They are completely different, but equally fantastic, opportunities for our Members. The first is called the “Pot of Gold.” If you are a Gold enrollment, or upgrade to a Gold, and then sponsor three new Gold enrollments, we will upgrade you to a Diamond. You will also get a very special gift (to be disclosed at a later date).

The second promotion will be your opportunity to earn a spot on the LifeWave 10th anniversary Caribbean cruise! It will be uniquely exciting to have hundreds of our Members sailing together in the beautiful Caribbean while celebrating ten years of consistent success!

In future messages, I will be able to share much more. Your best opportunity to find out what’s coming up is to attend one of the launch meetings that will be going on all around the world in late January and February. We begin in the U.S. with our launch meeting in Long Beach, California, on January 24 and 25. We will be lifting the curtain on the future and definitively demonstrating that 2014 will be a year to remember!