Personal Message From Founder/CEO, David Schmidt

The genesis of Theta Nutrition was the realization that a brand new type of experience was needed for people who had been using traditional nutrition supplements. I had been using nutrition supplements myself since I was very young. My personal experience had been that while I purchased and used products that I had an intellectual belief in, I never really felt that these products would work. So with that in mind, we set this goal: create something that would be more than just another line of supplements. In fact, we wanted to create an entirely new technology in nutrition: a new technology that would be so revolutionary that it would allow people to experience benefits the very first day they used it!

As LifeWave Members know, we achieved that goal, and demonstrated it to the world, with the launch of Theta Mind. This past weekend, we were able to take this concept to an entirely new level with the launch of Theta One and CORSENTIALS. These are, quite literally, our most advanced products yet.

The overwhelming feedback from Members who have used Theta One and CORSENTIALS is that in less than ten minutes, they feel an improvement in energy, vitality and well-being. More importantly, the benefits do not stop there. In just 5-10 short days, Members are coming back and telling us that this product is actually transforming their lives with improvements in lean body mass, greater strength and stamina, radiant skin, and a whole host of other benefits!

In the $300 billion a year global nutrition market, which is expected to grow to $1 trillion over the next few years, LifeWave produces the only product that allows people to experience results quickly and with dramatic life-changing effects. The verdict is in: this will be LifeWave’s best year yet.