Our Preferred Customer Program has been made even better!

Here’s some great news!  After excellent feedback from the field, we’ve adjusted the PV on all of our products within the Preferred Customer program to make sure that no matter what your customer signs up for on Autoship, there will be cash profit with every sale.  Here are the details:

Product                      Preferred Price         BV                   Retail Profit

X39                                       99.95                     43                           $20

1 Regular                           69.95                     39                           $20

2 Regular                           59.95 ea               31 ea                     $10 ea

3 Regular                           49.95 ea               22 ea                     $10 ea

Y Age                                    149.95                  66                           $30

Nirvana System               139.95                  84                           $39

Alavida Crème                  79.95                    21                           $20

Alavida Nectar                  59.95                    25                           $15

Alavida Trio                      149.95                   51                           $40


For added details on the Preferred Customer Program, check out the Resource section of the Back Office.

Don’t hesitate to put customers on Autoship in the Preferred Customer Program to add more consistent monthly PV and cash profit! Tell your team!