Now I Can: IceWave Showcase and Testimonial

LifeWave patches are popular around the world for one simple reason: they work! With the many health benefits they provide, comes a multitude of personal stories that illustrate just how transformative they are.

For many, pain can be a crippling condition that hinders quality of life. But for those who use our products, IceWave is often a life-changing, drug-free solution that truly makes a difference. Below, one prominent LifeWave Leader explains what IceWave has done for her:

“I struggled with chronic pain, from head to toe, for many years. It was even difficult to make a fist. But after just a short period of using IceWave and Y-Age Aeon patches, all those aches and pains went away. Now I can live a regular life with many joyous adventures, and I don’t have to wonder when I’ll be hurting next!”
– Andrea H., Senior Director (USA)

Patch Protocol Videos
In addition to these compelling personal stories, we also want to remind you that patch protocol videos—including four for IceWave—are now available in Danish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish on With an easy explanation of how to use our patches and these moving testimonials, you have a powerful messaging strategy for enrolling new Members. Click here to view the videos now, and best of luck!