Now I Can Enrollment Promotion: Social Media Drives Results!

LifeWave Leader and French W.O.W. Advisory Board member, Christine Gay-Girrbach, offers the following testimonial on the effectiveness of our Facebook graphics: “When I updated my Facebook business page with the “Now I Can” cover image, new people started reaching out asking for more information on LifeWave products. It also helped attract two new contacts and one new enrollee!”

Christine also drew encouragement from an interview conducted by Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre. Eric interviews million-dollar earner Hayley Hobson in this 48-minute segment, where she explains why she became a network marketer, and provides strategies she uses to grow her business. This includes real-world advice for anyone who aspires to do what she’s done: “Have a Huge belief system. Love your products, have (or get) a firm level of belief in yourself, and take action steps. You are going to have to commit. You have to show up.” Read the full interview with Hayley.

Need social media graphics? You can always login to your Back Office and download them here: Back Office > Resources > Marketing Tools > Current Promotions: Flyers & Graphics.