Now I Can Enrollment Promo: 90-Day Requirement Explained

We’ve had a lot of questions about the 90-day requirement on our Now I Can Enrollment Promo, which is included in the disclaimer. We want you to know we take your feedback to heart, and have a positive explanation for this approach.

Why This Approach Works to Your Advantage
Many people invest time, effort and money on signing up new Members, but leave them on their own to figure out everything else. As any successful Leader will tell you, many new Members who aren’t given follow-up support will fail after 90 days. Not to mention the long-term income that’s left on the table without properly training and retaining these new enrollees.

Requiring all new Distributors you enroll to remain active for 90 days is a great opportunity to practice and perfect your enrollment and leadership skills. After all, network marketing is built on relationships that endure over time and a mutually beneficial strategy gives you the greatest chance for success.

Suggestions for Keeping New Enrollees on Track
Here are just a few helpful tips for helping new team members succeed:

  • Get to know them on a personal level: this will help you manage their expectations and yours.
  • Use all LifeWave resources to help them achieve quick results: Customer Service, order fulfillment, world-class marketing tools, training videos, webinars, Back Office and more.
  • Integrate them into the community through phone calls, emails, social media, introducing them to their upline, and having them attend our electrifying events.

This promotion has some obvious immediate advantages, but it can also be a blueprint for a prosperous future with LifeWave. Once your new enrollees get beyond 90 days, there’s nothing you can’t achieve together!