Now I Can: Energy Enhancer Showcase and Testimonial

In this issue we focus on Energy Enhancer patches, an effective, stimulant-free alternative to other energy products on the market. For most of us, the daily demands of life can often cause fatigue. In the passage below, a LifeWave Distributor who’s also a doctor explains how Energy Enhancer has helped increase her endurance.

“I was working about a 90-hour week at a hospital, and would come home too tired to cook dinner. I usually fell asleep on the sofa, because I couldn’t even make it to bed. Then someone sent me two sets of Energy Enhancer patches, which they said contained no drugs but really worked well.

I put the patches on my ankles and went on my 14-hour shift. The first thing I noticed was I didn’t need to go down to the cafeteria in the late afternoon for a cup of coffee and something sweet. I was not only physically energized, but I had better mental alertness and clarity as well.

I was convinced the patches worked and bought seven months worth right away. I thought this would last, but I ran out in two weeks, because I started sharing the patches with my colleagues, who were also exhausted and stressed out.

Being a part of LifeWave, having the privilege of getting to know people all over the world, and running a business where I get to help others feel better without drugs or surgery, is one of the best things I’ve ever done!”
– Dr. Quila R., LifeWave Distributor

Patch Protocol Videos
We also want to remind you that patch protocol videos—including one for Energy Enhancer—are now available on View the videos now, and best of luck with the rest of the promotion!