New Years’ Resolutions for Network Marketers

Every New Year’s so many of us make resolutions that often we end up breaking after just a couple of weeks. If your resolution is to make this your best year in network marketing, then here are two resolutions that are easy to keep that can make a huge difference in your results this year!


  1. Prospect Every Day

Pick a realistic number of people that you will talk with about LifeWave each day; how many prospects will you commit to approaching every day. Start small so you can easily stick to this. Even if you picked only one person a day, that equals 30 people a month. That’s more prospecting than 95% of network marketers. Of course you want to be sure you are prepared with what you will say, or ask, to open the conversation … and what your first “exposure” will be. Whether it is a meeting you invite them to, a video you suggest they watch, a brochure you hand them to read, a product experience you just have to share… decide to have a conversation with X amount of people a day… and go for it!   Be realistic. Set a goal that you can see yourself achieving. You know what is possible in this business. Working hard and smart in LifeWave can really pay off! But decide, set a goal… and do it! You will easily increase your chances of growing success by doing this one simple thing.

  1. Read Every Day

Self-education is easily as important as formal education. Eric Worre preaches this. As he says: “Formal education can make you a nice living… Self-education can make you a fortune.” When you focus on what is important to get ahead… and read about it and practice it and become better at it… that becomes a new capability you can put to work to help you grow in business… to help grow your business.

You may have a stack of books that you have been meaning to get to. Now’s the time. If not now, when?? Make a resolution to read 30 minutes each day to improve yourself. 30 minutes each day is a book or two a month! The knowledge you gain, the confidence you develop from knowing more, you’ll find it to be priceless.

So make a New Year’s Resolution to read more to improve your abilities. It will pay off!